Seven Things You Don't Want To Do When You're Looking For A Stair Lift

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A stair lift is an important piece of equipment for those with mobility issues. Therefore, choosing a stair lift model requires a lot of consideration. You need to avoid mistakes that are going to detract from the comfort and effectiveness of using the stair lift you choose.

The following are seven things you don't want to do when you're looking for a stair lift. 

Failing to do adequate research

It's important to do enough research and learn about all the stair lift model options out there before making a selection. 

Not only do you need to research available stair lift models, but you also need to consider the stairs you'll need to use your stair lift on. If the stairway is not straight or if it is particularly long, standard stair lifts might not work on it. You might need to choose a customized stair lift model in this case. 

Overlooking the mobility of the patient the stair lift will be used for

It's easy to overlook the mobility of the patient in question. An individual with severe mobility issues might not be able to get into a standard stair lift.

Ideally, the patient who will be using the stair lift should be able to try it out in advance to make sure they have the mobility to get into the seat comfortably and safely. 

Being unaware of maintenance needs

A stair lift is a piece of equipment that will require routine maintenance. You should be aware of what the maintenance needs are and set up a maintenance schedule at the time you select a stair lift. 

Ignoring the warranty considerations

The stair lift model itself isn't the only thing you want to consider. You also need to consider the warranty that comes along with the stair lift. A warranty will be very valuable to you down the road if your stair lift malfunctions and requires repairs. Therefore, select a model that offers good warranty coverage. 

Neglecting to set a budget

Stair lifts can vary widely in price. It's a good idea to set a budget from the outset. This will help you to narrow down your search and avoid spending excessively on your stair lift. 

Purchasing a stair lift without checking on insurance coverage possibilities

You might be able to get the costs of a stair lift covered by insurance for a particular patient. It's always important to look into the details of a patient's health insurance coverage before paying for a stair lift. 

Being unaware of some of the stair lift options that are available

There are many options available on stair lift models on the market. Some of the many options you might want to consider are folding rails to get the track out of the way between uses, seats that offer a power swivel feature, and seat footrests. 

Contact a local supplier of medical equipment to learn more about stair lifts.