3 Essentials For Creating An Handicap Accessible Home

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If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident or suffered a medical condition that has left you handicapped, you may be not only physically overwhelmed, but also emotionally overwhelmed. Living with a handicap can be difficult, but help is available to protect your quality of life. With this guide, you will learn a few essentials to install when making your home handicap accessible.


If you or your loved one are in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, you may be wondering how to get in and out of the home with ease. To improve the safety of your home, consider installing ramps in different locations.

Even if you live in a home with just one level, you may have stairs that lead from the driveway/walkway to your front door or other door entrance. Ramps can be helpful on a back or side door that leads into the backyard or garage.

Fortunately, there are a few ramp options available. You can choose to build a permanent ramp on the stairs or you can invest in collapsible ramps, which are easy to move to a different location if and when necessary.

Stair Lifts

If you live in a home with multiple levels and going to an upper or lower level is essential for your daily life, a home stair lift is a great investment. A lift can be added to any staircase, allowing you or your loved one a seat that lifts you up and down the staircase without any worry of accidents or injuries.

Just like with the ramps, stair lifts are available in a variety of styles and designs, so finding an option suited to your needs, budget, and home should be simple.

Many people choose to install a stair lift that permanently modifies the home for your handicap. If you plan on selling your home or moving in the future, you may want a less permanent option. In these situations, consider a portable stair climber that with the help of another, you can be transported up and down the stairs safely in your home while remaining in your wheelchair.

Bathroom Aids

Moving safely through the house is possible with ramps and stair lifts. However, having the ability to bathe and groom safely will also be important. There are many ways to make your bathroom area more handicap accessible.

To get started, install safety bars in and near bathtubs/showers and toilets. Also, modifying the tub or shower to accommodate a chair is helpful. If you or your loved one are in a wheelchair permanently, lowering the tub or widening the shower will make entering the bathing space easier.