A Helpful Buying Guide When Looking For Mobility Scooters

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Not being able to walk can take its toll and make the simplest tasks difficult. Fortunately, the invention of mobility scooters has made getting around much easier if you have this handicap. Today, there are many scooters to choose from. To make the right purchase, you'll need to consider this buying guide. 

Personal Needs

Not everyone uses a mobility scooter for the same reasons. Different personal needs dictate the type of mobility scooter you ultimately choose. For example, you may have long legs compared to the average person. In this instance, you'll need a scooter that has extra legroom so that you remain comfortable.

Or you may suffer from chronic back pain. The slightest bump could cause severe pain, which is why you would need a scooter with an excellent suspension. You can roll over cracks and bumps like they are nothing. You also need to take into account your weight. Make sure the scooter has a weight capacity within your limit. 

If you plan on using your scooter for a long time, it's important to choose a model with a long battery life. The size of your scooter also matters if you plan of setting it up inside the house or in a shed. 


There are two different scooter classes you can choose from: class 2 and class 3. If you plan on driving on sidewalks and short distances, you'll be better off with a class 2 scooter. They are designed for short trips and are simple to control. However, if you need to travel on more rugged roads, class 3 is the ideal option. This class travels a little faster, and you'll need to have it registered. 

Wheel Types

Mobility scooters today have different wheel designs. Some feature three wheels, which are ideal because they are easy to handle. They also let you navigate around tight corners. Then you have scooters with four wheels that provide extra durability.

You also get to decide on what your wheels are made of. Solid tires are a popular option, but pneumatic tires give you more suspension for a smoother ride. However, since these tires are filled with air, you do run the risk of popping them and air leaking out. 

If you're handicapped and can't walk on your own, you deserve a reliable mobility scooter. Carefully consider the different types and perform thorough research on handicapped equipment and supplies, so you can choose a scooter that lasts and matches your lifestyle.