Is Your Construction Site Safe For Crew Members?

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Construction sites have numerous safety hazards that could lead to injury if certain precautions are not taken. Unfortunately, some workers take shortcuts on the job site, which place them in danger. To ensure that you and your crew are safe, here are some basic safety rules that need to be followed.  

Use the Appropriate Safety Equipment

Your crew likely knows the importance of using safety equipment on the job site, but if you do not have the latest equipment available, they could still be left vulnerable while working. It is important that you evaluate your safety equipment periodically and make adjustments when necessary.  

For instance, instead of using plain work gloves, you can upgrade to cut resistant work gloves. The gloves are designed to resist cuts and punctures and can be purchased from a company like Your Glove Source. Your crew will still be able to handle their tools and perform complicated procedures without the fear of suffering an injury.  

Train Crew on Getting On and Off Equipment

One of the most common injuries that occurs on a construction site results from falling off equipment while trying to get on and off of it. In most instances, the fall is avoidable. Before your crew is approved to work with certain equipment, ensure they are properly trained on getting on and off the equipment.  

In addition to training the crew on the basics, such as cleaning mud off of their boots before climbing, you also need to assess the equipment. If there are safety features, such as hand holds, you need to have them installed before the equipment is used.  

Review Proper Procedures for Backing

Throughout the work day, your crew members will have some occasion in which they have to back up. Backing up on a forklift or other type of machinery is more than just hopping on and putting it in reverse. There are safety precautions that have to be taken to ensure no one is injured.  

For instance, your crew needs to know to double-check for someone behind them before backing up. To further help make the experience safer, you should consider adding safety features to the machinery, such as alarms that indicate it is backing up. 

Carefully review the safety procedures that you currently have in place on your construction site. If there are changes that can be made to create a safer environment, now is the time to implement them. By creating a safer work site, you can avoid injuries and delays.